My innovation project

So over the last month I’ve been working on a project with my classmate giving students a new chance of trying out the foods of the world that they never knew about. This is what I’ve gained and learned from this project.

Me and my friend Soleil have been working together for the last month on a project we like to call “Multicultural foods”. Kind of like Teens React from the REACT Youtube channel. We are giving students a new chance to taste food from other countries that they’ve never seen before and recording their reactions to what it tastes like. Instead of the daily American meals we eat everyday. This project gives an opportunity to explore more food choices and give people a view to which they might try something else out of their standard. This project has taught me many things. One, it takes a massive amount of work to prepare the food and to get volunteers to help. When I was doing this project I felt like a businessman. I was getting four to five calls left and right, there were problems with getting the food, making sure that everyone arrives on time, something goes wrong I have to fix it or replace it, I have to get the equipment necessary in order to record the reactions, etc. The list goes on and on and it exhausted me. To think that after the whole project was done I had to edit the whole video as well. The project gave me an almost real experience of what working with coworkers is like and getting clients is like. What I’ve gained from this project is that planning and timing is key to producing a great project with good results. Having a back up plan should always be necessary because there is always something bound to go wrong during a project or job. Planning ahead of time and not procrastinating is probably the biggest lesson I’ve taken from this project. Having business skills is not just a normal skill, it’s a life skill like riding a bike or cooking. It’s necessary and I’ll need it in the future if I want to survive out in the real world if I ever have a project like this to do again. Overall the project was sort of stressing but I had a lot of fun with it pretending like I’m a business man managing my coworkers and clients together to produce something out of this world; or at least something that went above and beyond my expectations. It was a fun project come check it out here!

The Great Gatsby and my story

I have a story to share that is similar to the Great Gatsby but not exactly. You see this is a story about me and my friend from middle school who I’ve been friends with for a while, but suddenly a tragic event happened and we distanced ourselves towards another. This is my story.

October 19, 2012 I met a girl named Bree who sat next to me in math. Though it’s weird how can I just meet someone who’s been sitting next to me for about a month? Well we never spoke to each other until that day. I found out that she had similar interests that I had so we became friends quick. We weren’t close friends though, we were just casual friends who’d talk every while in math class. Over the years I’ve been friends with her she’d always have an absurd, charming little laugh. It bothered me, as though she were just faking it; but I didn’t let it bother me. Little did I know that I would soon become sorry that I’d ever step foot into this girls’ life. As the months went on we soon graduated middle school and we took a picture together. That day I looked up at the sky, blooming for a moment like the blue honey of the Mediterranean. But as soon as I looked straight forward I noticed a huge vast land where a park used to be; being constructed into something else. It was full of dirt and nothing else. Kind of like a valley of ashes. I felt a chill through my spin for some reason I have no clue why, God knows why. Coming around high school we were still pretty good friends but I started to feel that she was growing further apart from me and she was making friends at an exponential rate. But as my suspicions went deeper I felt that she was just faking her friends, as in she was making friends just to be popular. Her throat, full of aching, grieving beauty, told only of her unexpected joy. Sometimes she would greet me sometimes but I responded in a disrespectful manner because I thought she was doing the same to be as she was to her new friends. As this tradition went on she suddenly got angry with me and ranted a giant letter to me telling me goodbye. For some reason, I felt shocked and expected it at the same time.  As though I was within and without, simltaneously enchanted and repelled by the inexhaustible variety of life. And from that day forward, life starts all over again, new friends, and new companions. As night dawns upon us A silver curve of the moon hovered already in the western sky.

Of Mice and Men, Connections to me and others

Of Mice and Men George and Lennie are on a journey to achieve their dream as farmers. But what stands before them is the need for money. To earn money they need to work at multiple farms to gather up enough money so they can but a farm that Lennie’s relative will sell to them.

First impressions I didn’t like the book at first. But then as the story continued on I gradually started to like where the story was going and ultimately ended up loving the book. Though my life experiences can relate much tho this book; another story I know can, and I love the connections between the two. A story called “Ore Monogatari!” or “My Love Story” depicts two best friends Suna, extremely smart and handsome, and Takeo muscles for brains and extremely big. Although Takeo is big he is an overall nice innocent guy just like Lennie is and doesn’t want to cause trouble for anyone. While Suna takes care of Takeo as George takes care of Lennie in times of trouble. They always stick together no matter the costs, but what’s different about “My Love Story!” and “Of Mice and Men” are the results of their doings. I won’t spoil the ending for Of Mice and Men but I truly think that was the right way to go in George’s case. I also love the foreshadowing in “Of Mice and Men” and how they connect the events together in a way that the reader can tell what will happen. When I read it, I saw one foreshadowing event and two main connections at the end of the book linking it to the beginning. And how George taking the past into account to ultimately making his decision. I think John Steinbeck did a spectacular job of linking the events of past and future together to progress the story to its climax and ending. I’m a person who gets self satisfaction when I understand a life lesson or a message hidden behind what the words actually say. Comparing two events that are similar in their own ways makes the story more exciting and more interesting.

Overall, it was a great book and I do recommend it to all readers who haven’t read it yet, especially in high school. I think that all readers will enjoy the book and if some readers don’t understand the book should watch the movie. The movie makes a great adaptation to the book. But I recommend reading the book first. It gives you the freedom to open the imagination to see how the reader’s want to see it. It’s a short book so give it a read and try to find the key clues and life lesson that John Steinbeck has displayed.

Enjoy the Company, Ignore the Phone

This blog post explains so much meaning to our society today. I am in 100% agreement with the author. Once upon a time 2014 Thanksgiving day. My family was getting together. My uncles, cousins, aunts from all branches. We always get together at someone’s house on Thanksgiving and have a social gathering so to speak and catch up with life and family. Thanksgiving was one of my favorite holidays because of this social gathering and I like it when everyone has their eyes off the screen for one special day. But two years ago it was like the cellphone apocalypse. During dinner everyone was on their cellular devices except for me. Now I;m not fluffing myself like I’m the best and I’m perfect. But I’m also guilty with technology, but not at my favorite holiday of the year. Like Tammy, she and I haven’t seen our friend or family for a long time and want to spend the time as valuable as possible. I think that there should be a holiday where everyone just stops using technology. I also like how she put in the video to show what it actually is. I love how she coincides the video with her writing. It isn’t just a complete rant but she adds a little happiness and comedy to it to make a point. We should all learn from Tammy’s experience about cellular devices and open up to our loved ones when it really matters. She points out a very important topic that is a major problem in our society today. The separation of loved ones.

this is my opinion not yours

It was Friday. My friend and I made last minute plans to go to a Chinese restaurant. When we got there and ordered, things started to get irritating. It was a Chinese restaurant; every meal did not arrive at the same time because it took time for specific meals to be made. As the cooks were fixing up the food I wanted to catch up with my friend and have a simple casual conversation. However that was nearly impossible with all the one word replies and her constant check for social media. I was basically talking to myself, and let me tell you it isn’t fun. When the first meal arrived, as I was getting my chopsticks ready to grab a dumpling, suddenly she nearly gives me a heart attack. My friend yells at me. Her exact words, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING WAIT UNTIL ALL THE FOOD COMES SO I…

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World War I: Real Talk

Alright alright, let’s not get all serious now. This isn’t supposed to be how serious and how bad WWI was. It’s about a lesson to be learned from it; and pretty much what it was in a nutshell. First off, WWI was pretty much fought over nothing. I mean come on think about it. It started with a dispute between two small countries that barely anyone knew outside of Europe and the big guys started to put their noses where they don’t belong. So we got Serbia and Austria-Hungary getting into a fight because Serbia did some bad things, and Austria-Hungary was demanding Serbia of all these things. Then Russia thought A-H was bullying Serbia so he was backin’ him up. Then Germany was like “Woah Russia calm down, now you’re bullying A-H so now I gotta back him up.” Alright so not as big as a deal yet; a fight between four countries. But then Germany attacks France. What the heck?! So Russia is allied with France so Germany attacks France in advance even though they didn’t do anything. Oh but it doesn’t stop there. Germany attacks France by forcing his way into Belgium; and who’s Belgium allied with? Great Britain. Not giving it a single thought Germany forces his way through Belgium anyway and low and behold, Great Britain gets involved too. Now all of Europe is pretty much involved in this fight. Later on America joins the fight because Germany blows up their ship; because Germany needs more enemies than what she already has. So all the fighting goes on, it’s horrible and the war ends in 1918. Now the result, the Allies won. So now France, Russia, Great Britain, and America are having a discussion on what they should do with the Central Powers. They call it the Treaty of Versailles “A war to end all wars”. Yeah, pretty ironic. “Okay guys we have to prevent future wars from happening so we’re gonna have this be the last one…Let’s blame everything on Germany and make Germany pay for everything and that it’s their fault this all happened.” Yep, a war to end all wars. A lesson to be learned from this? This doesn’t just apply to nations and what not but to our lives too. Friends, family, etc. Keep your nose out of someone else’s business. It had nothing to do with you in the first place. So why make it even more complicated and make more enemies for yourself? Also, when a fight between people finishes. Settle it in a case where everyone’s partake in it will take a part of the blame. The fight happened between you guys’ so it’s equally both your faults. Settle it evenly. And finally, think about what you’re really fighting for and what you get out of the situation. Take a thought and think to yourself. “Wait how did this start in the first place?” “Why am I even arguing over something so pointless.?”

My thoughts when I have nothing to do.

Alright so here’s what happened 5 minutes ago. So am tasked with an assignment to write a blog post about a specific topic. Nothing to hard. We do this every week. Okay, but look here’s the problem. I asked him what topic to write about and he told me to look it up on Canvas. (Our school website) So I go to our school website and there is no assignment on what we’re supposed to write. I figured that I would tell him that there was none. But he’s way too busy with his own errands to do and he is helping other students on the way. So I’m sitting here doing literally nothing besides typing what I’m thinking right now at the moment. If there is no blog topic to write about then I can’t do much. But you can edit your research paper. But I’m already finished with it. Maybe I’ll ask for some editing. But I’m too scared of asking Mr. Haley and the other teacher inside the classroom. I don’t know him. So this topic blog post is going to be about my thoughts. What goes through my head when I am in English class doing nothing. I just remembered something. Yesterday in English class we watched a movie called Finding Forester. And the old man told the main character that, when writing or typing, just type. Don’t think just type, then edit. During the sentence two sentences back when I said “English class doing nothing.” I stopped for about 10 seconds thinking about what to type of what was going through my head. But nothing was going through my head at the time. But then I just remembered the movie and that line. So I’m starting to go typing again right off of what I’m thinking at the moment right now, Okay I’m going to stop typing now and actually ask Mr. Haley to read my research paper. Thanks to all of the people who are reading this blog post. I hope I didn’t waste your time, but this is usually what goes through my head during English. Until next time

Sincerely, aaron2016

So that happened…


Once upon a time, there was a guy named Garry. Garry is a smart student with good grades and a nice personality. The only thing is…he’s scared of pain. Everyone’s scared of pain. But Garry is immensely scared. Like he had a phobia of being injured. He would always keep himself safe at all costs and save himself at all costs. But you can’t hide from pain forever, it’s only natural that people feel pain to develop their feelings and grow as human beings. It’s Friday and Garry is excited to start the new weekend. But it all goes down hill when his friend Mark gets into an argument first thing in the morning. After first period, Mark tells Garry all about what had happened in the morning and he asks Garry to back him up for the fight. Garry, following his rules and ideals, refused to get involved with his problems. No matter how much Mark begged, Garry wouldn’t budge. It was only a matter of time until Mark would get into the after school fight. As the hours go by, Garry thought about if Mark would be alright. As he thought about it for hours, he finally budged and told Mark he would help him. Only supporting him though by picking him back up when he needed it. The time came and Mark was getting into a fight, Garry living up to his word, supported Mark with picking him up. The crowd yelled at Garry to get it in. By peer pressure he was in the fight and hurt his arm and leg. Although Garry was in pain he learned something new that day. Pain isn’t as bad as he thought it was. More like, he gotten himself a battle scar. To show that he’s fought and grown before.

I brought up this story because it reminded me of when my group of friends got into a fight and I got involved into it. But not only that. I injured my knee just yesterday from this blog post. I’m kind of like Garry. I’m scared of pain, mostly like breaking bones or something. Not small paper cuts. Although, those hurt a ton. My knee was hurting a lot and I ended up getting a cast and some crutches. I’ve never gotten those before so I thought it was cool experiencing those things at first hand. So late too. But it kind of let’s me get an idea of what people go through when they’re injured and I think that’s cool. Sort of…I guess parents weren’t kidding when they said to be careful when playing.

When you know your writing is good


One day, a boy named Todd wanted to become a very good writer. Although, he doesn’t know if his writing is good or not. So he asked his peers. He asked his friends, parents, and his close relatives and they all said that it was good. Todd was becoming a bit suspicious. He didn’t want to believe it because everyone he asked said that it was good. So he went to go ask his teacher for some advice. But on the way to his classroom he had a sudden feeling of nervousness. What if he got insulted? What if there are mistakes? What if he didn’t do it correctly? Todd got scared and walked home. That maybe next day he will ask his teacher for advice. Students shouldn’t be scared of showing their writings because others want to see it. People want to see your imagination and see how they can improve it as well. They want to help you. There’s no need to be scared of showing people your writing. Because you wanted it to be better and improved. It’ll never be improved unless you show it to other people and see what they think; and in a long run your writing will improve over time and will overall become better and you can write better stories. There’s no need to be afraid of all the wrong things you did. In fact, you want to see all the mistakes you did because if you do, you can fix them and not make them later. One closer step to perfecting your writing. Although, writing can never be perfect because your writing is constantly evolving always improving. There is no such thing as perfect. Only better. So show your writing to the world, and become a better writer!

So it’s that time again


It’s that time again. Signing up for classes. I can’t believe its almost been four years already since I came here; and that I’m taking the next step to the path of life. Work gets harder and harder as I go on. I have been told that I have to choose what I want to do, who I want to be, and where I want to go in the future. To be honest, I haven’t thought of any of that stuff. All of my needs have been taken care of by my parents. From SAT to DMV. I’ve never registered for anything and experienced what the outside world is like. I’m like Rapunzel who’s stuck inside her castle. It’s been 17 years that I have been cared for and suddenly I’m being left on my own? The change is so sudden. Out of nowhere I have to make a decision in which it affects my future and where I’ll end up. The change is too sudden and too pressuring. It’s like my life ran past me. Way ahead of me. My parents have a plan of what to do with me in the future if I don’t end up deciding. But they know where they want to send me for college. To be fully honest, I don’t know if I want to go to that college, UCI. It’s more on the medical side of things and I’m not the best at science, but their expectations for me are senseless. Lots of things are all coming at once at me its overbearing. But, I’m not stressed. I don’t feel stress if that makes any sense. I don’t really stress over things that I have no interest in. I just do it whether I do bad or good doesn’t really matter to me but to my parents. They always get angry with me when I get bad grades, so I just have to not get “bad” grades but decent or above. All my life I’ve thought that my parents would take care of everything for me so I don’t have to worry about anything. But I was wrong. Some day,  no matter how long. The training wheels will come off and you will have to stand on your two wheels by yourself, balancing yourself. So it’s that time again, making the choices for my future.